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Sorry it's been such a long time since I've updated journals, everyone.  It's been so crazy busy around here. @_@

I'm going to start off with reminding everyone of the 2017 conventions we'll be attending and are confirmed dealers for:
Anthrocon ( ) (Late June/Early July)
Megaplex ( ) (August)
Anthro Northwest ( ) (Early November) which is a brand new convention we're excited to do some panels for!
Midwest Furfest ( ) (Late November)

We don't really like to do con pickup, guys. Unfortunately in the past we've had a really hard time getting people to come get their stuff, and it has just.. deterred us from doing it again. Remember we typically leave a week in advance (because we have to drive)  so after that point, no e-mails/notes will be checked, and no packages will go out. So please order your stuff with enough time to get it! (4-5 weeks before the con)

New items recently introduced into the store:
Skeletal Feline Resin Head
Manokit Foam Head
Manokit Foam Ears
Monster Nub Quick Claws

Items currently being worked on:
Remodel of Point Nose Dragon (making it larger, fixing symmetry)
Remodel of Round Nose Dragon (making it larger, fixing symmetry)

We're using a new foam now for our bunny and the manokit ears, so that they are super lightweight. They can sometimes develop slight skinning issues because of this, but it's very minimal, and do not effect the structure at all.

From the 4th-5th of July use coupon code JULY4 to receive 15% off you entire order as long as it's over $100.
From now until 4/17, take 15% off your order of $150 or more with coupon code EASTER17 in our store, ! Please help spread the word. ^_^

Keep in mind wait times are still between 2-3 weeks before items are shipped out, and shipping costs tend to be higher with international orders, so order as a group to keep it low! Remember we are also not responsible for customs fees/taxes if you're an international customer! We take care of shipping, but that's it!

Also, recent development we've discovered: If you use Duracell brand batteries, they won't work as well in our electronics as other brands. For some reason they're ever so slightly shorter, and so don't touch the points in the packs as well. Soooo we don't recommend using Duracell batteries for that reason.

Cons we'll be attending
BLFC ( ) (Early June)
Anthrocon ( ) (Late June/Early July)
Megaplex ( ) (August)
Anthro Northwest ( ) (November) which is a brand new convention we're excited to do some panels for!
So, we're officially guaranteed a dealer's space at:

Texas Furry Fiesta ( (March)
BLFC ( (Early June)
Anthrocon ( (Late June/Early July)
Megaplex ( (August)
Anthro Northwest ( (November) which is a brand new convention we're excited to do some panels for!

If you guys are wondering where you'll be able to catch us in 2017, those are it! Very different locations in the US, so hopefully you can see us in person at one of them, at least! Unfortunately that's pretty much our limit for the year, because we just don't have the time to go to any more. xD

We've recently hired an extra hand in the shop, so hopefully you'll see things speeding up here shortly. Of course there's always a slow time due to training and such, but then we pick things back up and hopefully will be able to start offering new items again soon.

Please remember we no longer deal through etsy! We announced it many times, and have it on the front page, but we still have people asking about our etsy store. We now do all business through; NO WHERE ELSE.

Keep in mind if you have construction questions you can send them to, and she'll get back to you as soon as she can. She doesn't get to check as often as I do, but I believe she at least checks once a week.
Hello everyone! I know it's been a while since I've updated but it's been sort of the same around here!

First off, the holiday sale. A lot of people have been asking about Black Friday sales; but since we're an online store, we're doing a cyber monday sale. :) So on the 28th (the Monday after Thanksgiving) if you use coupon code "CYBERMONDAY16" when you check out in our online store ( you'll get 15% off your entire order, no matter what it is. Unlimited uses, so feel free to spread the word!

We recently finished the big cat head we took for auction, and so from that we've issued a check for $1060.00 (80% of what was paid for it) to our local big cat rescue, these guys have lots of kitties and really can use lots of help, so we're doing our part. :D The other 20% of the auction winnings went to the fur and materials needed for the partial. I'll be uploading pictures of it shortly, don't worry!

Convention news!
So, we're officially guaranteed a dealer's space at Texas Furry Fiesta (, Anthrocon (, And Anthro Northwest ( which is a brand new convention we're excited to do some panels for! If you guys are wondering where you'll be able to catch us in 2017, those 3 are it! 3 very different locations in the US, so hopefully you can see us in person at one of them, at least! Unfortunately we're just not sure about any others, either because of limited space, or limited time on our part.

As for the rest of this year, we ARE going to MFF, however we DO NOT HAVE OUR OWN TABLE. We are sharing a table with Warhorse Workshop (…) and so we will not be taking a lot of product with us! Please do not ask about con pick-ups, or specific things we'll be selling, because it will be very limited. We'll have some fursuit fans and some LED kits, and Flurry will be performing on-site fursuit repairs (to an extent!!!). Her con rate is $35 an hour, so depending on the complexity of the repair/alteration, you will have to pay for her time. :) We'll also be offering some really nice repair kits there for sale that we think will be very beneficial. We will NOT just be selling repair supplies, sorry! (So no, you won't be able to use our hot glue gun/buy a hot glue stick, etc because we'll need them for repairs/alterations) Also we won't be booking said repairs before the con, so you will have to get to our table and allot for the time it'll take to get it done. The longer you wait, the more she'll have to do, so the longer you'll be without your fursuit whatever, so please keep that in mind!

We do still have a few of our premade shimmery/glittery/glimmery skulls for sale! These are ready to ship, and would make really good Christmas presents! Whichever ones do not sell before MFF we'll be taking to sell at the table there, so you'll miss out if you don't purchase them soon! (Or not, if you're going to the con ;D )
Hey there all, sorry we've been so quiet here recently, but we've been working our butts off in order to try to get these orders out ASAP for the Halloween season.

Please remember we require 3 weeks for all orders to be filled and mailed out. We are NOT taking rush orders, and we can not promise anything sooner! That isn't to say it can't happen, we just can't promise it to you.

We've been running shorhanded for the last week or so (Even now one of our employees is gone) so we've been working late hours in which to get caught up. In case you want to keep a running count on our current workload or any other news related to DvC, I try to update our Twitter, @DvC_Ciara This twitter is purely work related; no personal stuff.

If you have any sort of construction questions, please e-mail Flurry directly by sending an e-mail. No general work questions please, ONLY construction! (She's too busy to answer general questions about products and stuff, that's my job!)

Due to the fact we've been so busy, there haven't been any new items lately, sorry. :( But until we find another helper for the shop here, we're going to be limited on new items. We're still trying to, and have several projects in the works, but nothing finished.

Soon, I plan to start making kits for our foam toony blanks, which will include balacavas made by Lemonbrat. Now that we do offer toony eyes, we have the pieces and parts needed to make kits. :)

Also, we do have a new convention we'll be attending, and you west coast guys will be happy! It's called Anthro Northwest, and it's a brand new con focused on the art and general family-friendly anthromorphic community. You can see the preview site here:

We'll be hosting a few panels, but Flurry is still debating on what we're going to be running, and we will have a table or two in the Dealer's Room. Not as big of a selection as we normally have (Because we will more than likely have to fly) BUT, it is a WC con we'll be attending. So for next year(2017), there's Texas Furry Fiesta(, Anthrocon(, and Anthro Northwest( for sure.

We're still on the waiting list for MFF for this year, but with it getting closer and us not hearing anything, it's not looking good. *shrug* So just so you guys know, unless we get told last minute (which we still may not do if it's last minute...) we won't be dealing there this year.